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The chiropractor station in Vestmannaeyjar

We welcome all to the new premises of the Chiropractor Center in Vestmannaey.

Strandvegur 26, appartment 104
900 Vestmannaeyjar.
See the location on Google Mapi.

Opening hours and appointments

You can book an appointment with us, but the station is open fridays and saturdaysin Vestmannaeyjar, subject to change.

Appointments are in tel: +354 588-8085. You can also send an email to kiro@kiro.is. If you need to change the time or cancel an arrival outside the traditional opening hours of the Chiropractor Center in Reykjavík, you can send an email to eyjar@kiro.is.

Price list

First visit ISK 28,200.
(A fee is charged for appointments that are not cancelled. claim sent to local bank.)

Interview, examination, measurements of the nervous system,
assessment of body position, motor skills test, treatment and x-rays taken if deemed necessary. (note x-rays are taken in Reykjavík).

Result time ISK 8,000.

Return time ISK 6,100.

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